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For all additional information regarding our programs, please select the 'Programs and Sign up' tab from the menu. 

Here you will find our prices broken down for you!

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-Spring Break-

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-Summer Nature & History Programs-

Spring break is a three day week from 10am-3pm each day

  • Price per child - $ TBD for 2024

Please refer to our

'Programs and Sign up' for information on our programs.

Our Summer Program Rates Broken Down

Each day runs from 9am-4pm

-Per Child-

  • Mon.-Fri. - Full Week Rate:

Price $TBD- for 2024  

  •  Discounted (4 day week

(July 1-5th, 2024) 

Price: - $295.00

  • Daily rate- (pick and choose schedule

Price- $90.00- per- day, per- child

** please read on**

Unfortunately, due to inflation we have been forced to raise our rates. Our price per day is $90.00 per child, which is still cheaper than the average rate of hiring a babysitter for a full day.  (Plus we're more fun!) 

Good news! We still offer our 4 day DISCOUNTED week.

We appreciate your understanding, and we hope to see you this summer.  

  • Spring Break - Price per child - $ TBD for 2024

Our Spring Break program is a three day session from 10am-3pm each day                                 Please refer to our

'Programs and Sign up' for information regarding our programs.

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