Straight from the Source, you'll find- Camper Quotes, Reviews, and Sayings

Read on to see some of the wonderful things our campers, staff, and parents have said about their time at Raven Rock Summer Programs. We love all the positive comments and take any negative feedback into account as well to make sure we keep offering the best possible experience at The Red Mill Museum Village and Raven Rock Summer Programs.

"I loved everything about camp! I loved all of the reenactments and doing militia drills!"

Thank you so much for giving our Annaleigh and the kids some so needed normalcy in a time with all this stuff going on!! Annaleigh loved every second! She is already looking forward for next summer‘s camp season!!!! Thank guys are AWESOME!!!!!

Mr Evan, age 9

Mrs. Mrozek- a wonderful mother of one of our campers

"I loved everything! I love history and this camp, it was so much fun!"

Mr Tyler, age 11

"I have never gone to a camp like this before! You get to make ice cream, and write with quill pens, and be in the militia, and you get ice pops after water games! I love this camp!"

Miss Abby, age 7


"I can not WAIT to come back and volunteer here again next summer!  This was the best part of my year!"

"My favorite part of history camp is malita day, because of ash cakes!"

One of our C.I.T's

Miss Kate- Age 10